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Meet Stark McCardle

The Turkish Angora
Tricia Strachan Glasgow

Stark is a 13 month old white long-haired Turkish Angora. When we got Stark he has a shattered femur and had to have his ball joint removed in surgery. They told me he may always have a limp. That was 11 months ago and now you would never know he even had an operation. I tried to report the breeder but they said i didn't have enough information. Stark is a beautiful loving, affectionate, handsome boy. He loves under the overs cuddles,playtime and playing the xbox with his daddy.

13 Months
Starky, Startacus
Playing xbox with daddy, food,under the over cuddles & playtime.
Fish flavoured food, not getting his own way & loud noises.
Favorite Foods
Grau, Bozita,Chicken & he loves to try and steal mummy and daddy's food.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his little brother(not by blood) Pippin.

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