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Meet Ike

The DLH/Main Coon
Fiona Lancaster

Ike is my little baby. 

He loves to play, loves to catch flies and spiders for me and won't stop until they're found! 

He loves posing for his Instagram! And at bed time when he's done his final patrol of the house, he comes close, checks I'm still breathing, licks my nose and curls up next to me. 

Hes a bouncy little angel x


Ikey bum, Ilkeston, bum bum, baby boy, smelly smellerson.
Toys! Running, jumping, kissing, treats.
Erm, don't think he dislikes anything! He's a happy chappy
Favorite Foods
Cat biscuits!! And chicken and dreamies.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in funny positions, trying to catch the notorious red dot.

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