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Meet Floyd

The Brown Tabby and Maine Coon
Joe and Brad Eagan, Minnesota

Our baby (Floyd) ate a chicken bone without us noticing. This is the picture I took after he finally felt better and we found him like this on the couch. I put the remote in his paw to add to the effect that he was watching TV but he totally was. He is so special to us :-)

Catin, Floydian Monster, catchin, and kitchen (he likes laying on the cool tile in the kitchen.
Sleeping, saying "hello", treats and snuggles.
Not being the center of attention. He doesn't dislike much... Best cat ever.
Favorite Foods
I love both soft and solid cat treats. I get fed an indoor food that helps with hair balls since I have such long hair and it works!
Favorite Pastimes
Being brushed daily, his parents buying him a come with me kitty so he can walk outside.

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