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Meet Bella

The Tiger
Blanche Lewistown, PA

Bella is a  6 month old kitten. We found her 5 months ago in a box that was left stranded along side our road in the country. When we came across the box she was the only surviving kitten. We immediatley took her into our home and she fit right in. It was a mircle that when we took her to the vet she was perfectly healthy (being that the box she was found in was soaking wet and it was during fall). Bella knows how cute she is and will use it to her advanagte! 

Almost 7 Months
Bellalini, Trouble, Legs
Chewing on Grandma's plants, chasing ices on the kitchen floor, playing in water, sleeping with mama every night in her bed.
Being put in time out
Favorite Foods
Not picky! Begs like a dog during dinner time!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with the other cats in the house, and playing with her favorite cat toys.

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