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Meet Gucci

The not sure
Daniel Hickey and Debbie Shipley North Bay, Ontario

This tazmanian devil of a kitten was rescued from a home where three mothers had had babies and the family wasn't able to feed them properly....my son begged to bring her home and find a place for her but we had people calling us the first day and he was upset, he thought she'd worm her way into his stepdad's heart....and he was right.
She spends her days completing her demolition plans and tackling our other poor rescue cat, Shawn, who is about 8....


five months
Baby, Gucci Goo
her catnip mouse, toilet paper and the inside of the dishwasher
loud noises and behaving...lol
Favorite Foods
anything in her brother's dish
Favorite Pastimes
tackling her older fur brother Shawn and watching the toilet water flush

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