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Meet Harvey Cupcakepants

The Domestic Long Hair
Kelley Mallone Warren, Ohio

Harvey Cupcake pants is the ulitmate cat-dog. Proficient in sit, stay, down, up, and roll over. Harvey also likes dress-up time and has a whole array of wonderful polos and sweaters that he will wear for company or to go to work with his mom (who works at a vet clinic). Harvey also enjoys napping, eating and playing - and sometimes practicing to be a pirate and walks around with only 1 eye open. Harvey has his family wrapped around his furry little paw and he knows it. 

6 1/2
Harvard, Tubby, Mew-face, Harbees
Eating Breakfast, Eating Lunch, Eating Dinner, and having a midnight snack. Meowing for no reason. Licking my owners hair and face at 3:00 am.
Baths, Vacuums, and the word "No".
Favorite Foods
Chips, Pizza, and Pepsi - or cat food. (Oh and TUNA)
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, learning new tricks to show that cats are in fact better than dogs, chewing holes in new food bags, spending time with my "hoomans".

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