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Meet Pumpkin

The Orange Tabby
Ruth Torrence Farmington

Pumpkin is a fuzzy, cuddly, cat who enjoys food, napping, and snuggling. He is also polydactyl which means he has extra toes! He also sits on his own little pedestal next to the table while my family eats dinner. What's funny about him is he is sort of like a dog because he always waits for me to come home and followes me everywhere I go around the hosue. He's sitting with me, bumping his head on my arm as I write this!

Punka-lunk, Sasquatch, Loaf
potatoes, sleeping, ice cream, cheese, snuggling, eating
when people open soda cans, not having a full kibble dish
Favorite Foods
potatoes, ice cream, squash, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
laying on things, eating, sleeping, following me around, purring

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