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Meet Khaleesi

Hannah Stahl Milford, CT

This Khaleesi, she is my baby. I have never been more blessed to have a kitty like her, she was adopted about 7 months ago. She is super energetic and loves to play and knows EXACTLY what she wants. I treat her like the little diva she is, mostly because I'm a proud mama. And as you can see her eyes are two different colors which just adds to her already sparkling personality. She would love your vote and will shower all with nose kisses for such!

Just a year old in November (as far as we know, we don't know her exact age)
Baby, precious, kitty
To play with her toys, even if it's by herself. And to run around the house after nothing and jump abnormally high and scare mommy.
Being held when it's not on her terms, being told no, and not being invited to sit at the dinner table with everyone else.
Favorite Foods
Any kind of friskie's wet food that has seafood in it! But I am broadening my horizons every day!
Favorite Pastimes
Climb the walls, play with mommy's hair, grooming, and sleeping

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