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Meet Cassie

The Exotically Beautiful
Jessica Reme Point Pleasant, NJ

Hi I'm Cassie. My sibilings and I were born on a farm and immediately taken from our mother. We were nursed by another cat who technically is our older sister. The mean people who worked at the farm, kept us locked inside. Once we got old enough to get around on our own, we escaped. We would run to the front of the farm, where 2 nice people feed all the ferals on the property. We loved getting real food. But, the mean farm people kept coming and getting us and locking us back in the barn.

5 months
Hiding under the bed, Looking out the window, Sneak attacking my sibilings, Love and Attention
When my brother and sister try to play with me or pounce on me when I don't want to be bothered.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Just hanging out in weird places.

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