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Meet Cody

Karen Frewert South Huntington, NY

"I wuz framed"!!!  Cody seems to be saying.  He was stuck inside this cage for too long for his taste.  He had developed FLUTD and had to be separated for a while from his siblings.  Then for awhile aftrward he still had to be caged to eat his meals up with his pills.  He's doing great now (knock on wood!).  On the last day of his having to be in the cage, I put him in the prisoners outfit and took this pic!!  He's such

Codestar, Monster
his siblings, cheese and his favorite toy, Baldie (a fur mouse with no fur!)
timeouts, thunder
Favorite Foods
everything!! there's nothing this cat won't eat!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing tag with his baby sister, climbing on the penthouse scratching post

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