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Meet Fiorina aka Fia

The American short hair
Charlotte Braden THE WOODLANDS

Fia is a feral rescue we adopted from PetSmart. As you can see in the picture she has a clipped ear. She actually rescued me after my kitty TiggerToo died unexpectely at 7 yrs of age. Fia is totally a momma's girl and is always near or cuddled up with me. After grooming herself and me she lays down to sleep with me every night. She is tiny, only 61/2 lbs but full of love. She also is a bit cheeky since anyone else who picks her up gets a earful of growling. She never scratches or bites, j

16 months
FiFi, Baby Fuzzy
Mom, Food, Food, Food, Cuddling
Our cat Kylie, Being held by M and B
Favorite Foods
Anything! you can tell she was feral as she will eat everything but pickles
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, cuddling w/ mom, Grooming mom, Trying to catch lizards on the other side of the window

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