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Meet Brandy

The Tabby
Ronnie Roter Montreal

Brandy is 8 month old Tabby, and is a rescue cat.  We found him and 3 of his siblings in our back yard. Only one tabby is still un-captured, we named him Monroe, but he is not ferral, as we can pet him when he shows up.  We are working on bringing him in.

In the meantime, we love having Brandy as part of our family with another rescue named Mello. We will post Mello next month.

We also have a 14 year old Bichon Matese, who loves his feline pals.

8 months
looking outdoors through the screen door or window
To be chased off the desk or table top
Favorite Foods
fresh out of the can of cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Watching all the birds outside

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