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Meet Ivy

The Domestic
Naomi North Carolina

Ivy is a rescued kitten that we found outside our door down in an air vent, scared and hungry.  I was not a 'cat' person by any sense of the word, but this little ball of fur stole my heart.  One of the first few photos i took you can see a 'gray heart" on her chest.  It was just the way the fur was laying but that was a sign for me.  She was so cute I just fell in love with her. Of course we had to keep her. She found her new home with us.  A week la

5 mos.
Strings, plastic bags
The blow dryer and ironically, the outdoors where we found her
Favorite Foods
Canned and dry food of any kind.
Favorite Pastimes
Funny that she hates the outdoors but loves to look outside perched on the windowsill.

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