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Meet Kitty Kitty

The Long Haired Domestic
Gloria Bailey Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO

Kitty Kitty is a recue kitty.  She has fluffy white Bloomers on her back legs, a white belly and paws and a white chin.  She follows everyone into the kitchen with her fluffy tail straight up in the air, she takes up the entire sofa, she loves to be brushed and no one should ever pet another cat within her eyesight.  Kitty Kitty is a Diva.  She poses all the time and lays on her back with her paws under her chin.   

Crazee Cat
Kitty treats, shoelaces, her pink brush
Do NOT touch her paws! PERIOD!
Favorite Foods
Anything in a can.
Favorite Pastimes
NApping. Napping. Napping.

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