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Meet Timmy D' Monster

The American Wirehair Cat
Toteng & Kufa Quezon City, Philippines

Timmy the cat is the zac efron of the cat world.  He is fond of feather dusters and moving nylon from sheets.  He owns our entire living room and every time we have guests, we have to ask nicely so that he'll welcome them.  When he wants to play, he'll suddenly throw his entire body on your direction leaving you no choice but to fall under his playful paws.  He also adopted a neighboring kitty and brought it home one day. Vote for timmy, my sweet, bad-ass kitty.=)<

6 months
Timmy timmy
moving sheets,rolled tissue,cockroach, feather dusters, adopting stray kittens
sudden noises, dirty litter, ruffled sheets, uneven surface
Favorite Foods
ocean fish flavored kibbles, sardines sauce
Favorite Pastimes
rolling around, playtime with his mamas, bullying his mother Melow

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