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Meet Nowell

The Balinese
Mayanna Hurricane

She makes my heart melt, and turns my frowns into smiles. I used to have a deep depression problem, but I no longer suffer, this little bright face and playful attitude brought me back from the shadows. "Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?" That's what I say to her all the time, her eyes are so big and round, it's like jumping into a sea of wonder.

Her Story: I moved away from my family that I was very close to, approx. 2,500 miles away... Where befo

3 years
No-No, Peepers
String toys, feathers, treats, running water,
Cat nip, toy mice, the broom, the vacuum, her toes being stepped on, the bathroom door being closed so she cannot get in
Favorite Foods
Tuna Whiskas wet food in the pouch, Whiskas fish mix treats, Purina One Indoor Advantage
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding behind things and scaring my Husband,laying in the sun, hanging out in the bathtub, rolling around on the floor

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