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Meet George

The American Bobtail
Kevin Bosley (Debbie Bosley mom) Las Cruces New Mexico

George loves to do his yoga pose,will stay that way for a very long time. He is one of 4 boys in a litter , his Mother and Father both have no tails and his 3 Brothers also have no tails but George is unique and has a full lenght tail. All 3 Brothers think it makes a great toy,George is my 14 year old sons cat and very unique on his own.He also loves to eat salad,green beans and spaghetti.

4 years
Jorge Gato
Salad,green beans,spaghetti and peppermint candy
Getting wet,loud noises and getting left in the bathroom with the door shut
Favorite Foods
Cesar salad,Tuna Chicken spaghetti and steak.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing ball and yoga.

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