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Meet Zorack

The Polydactyl
Melissa Yarber Sluder Mountain City, TN

Zorack chose me when I went to look at the kittens a co-worker had to give to good homes, all of whom were polydactyls including their mother. The other kittens showed some interest in me but Zorack wanted me to hold him and as soon as I picked him up he licked my nose, I knew then I was his Human.

Will be 4 years in May
Z, ZZ Top Cat, Z Man, 'Lil Man, and Mommy's boy
Catnip, Sleeping, Snuggle loving with his mommy, playing string string (which is me dangling a string for him), boxes, ear scritches, chin scritches, and did I mention Sleeping?
Fish flavored cat food. The sound of canned air (computer spray)
Favorite Foods
Nearly anything I am eating. Beef flavored 9 Lives cat food, Meow Mix, and Catnip.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing with Ms kitty (our other cat) playing with Baby (my moms dog)and more sleeping.

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