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Meet Nathan Thomas

The American Shorthair
Sandra Obermark Sullivan, MO

This picture was taken one spring afternoon while mushroom hunting.  He mostly went along for the ride in his backpack.  He got out now and then to stretch his legs and view the pretty scenery. 

Nathan is our special kitty who is always glad to see us when we get home.  He waits for us at the door.  Even when it is dinner time, he would rather be with his human family for love and attention while the other cats are eating.  Nathan spends all of his time w

Mungion, Teto, Nate, Precious, Spongi-Form
Shrimp, strings, a warm place to nap, rubbing in ears
Favorite Foods
shrimp, sliced cheese, gravy
Favorite Pastimes
Being with his family, napping, and burying things in the litter box (his own, and others)

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