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Meet Peanut

The Domestic Shorthair
Dale & Severa Smith Frederick, Maryland

Peanut, also known as "The Boy!" is one of those... one-of-a-kind felines. Peanut is shy at first, but don't worry about your hand.  He never bites.  He loves to cuddle and be scratched.  Peanut acts as though he's one of those independant cats, but gets so excited when we've come home and gets so lonely when we've gone to bed, that he has to wail outside the door and stick his paws under the door in hopes that we'll let him in just for one night!&

The Boy
Salmon, String, Plastic bags to lay on
Meat, Medicine, Being alone
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
People watching out the window, daydreaming and playing with toys

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