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Meet Oreo

The Former Barn Cat
Allison/Carolyn Mitkowski Cary, NC

Oreo was a kitten dropped off at the farm i ran and not human friendly at all. When she was ten months old I was putting down the cat food for the ferals and poor VERY pregnant Oreo comes up to me meowing and whining! Of course I then proceed to put her in my car and drive her 45 minutes home and make her comfortable. a feww days later my mom and husband helped deliver 6 healthy kitties. But this is only the beginning of the story. Oreo went back to the barn UNSPAYED (big mistake) and when I

Lizards, Sunbathing, Eating her feelings, Road trips, Drinking Ice Water out of a glass
Annoying dogs, diets, Being stuck inside on a nice day,
Favorite Foods
Doesn't like people food, but anything cat (treats, dry, wet) is a go!
Favorite Pastimes
Demolishing lizards slowly, sunbathing with her guardian

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