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Meet Mia

The Bombay
Tor-Øyvind Olsen Minnesund

We adopted her around 11 years ago. And it was a good thing, because if we didn't take her then she would die.

Mia is very little for her age. I remember when we first got her, she could fit right in the palm of my hand. Anyway, when she was 3 weeks old she couldn't get milk because she was too small. The other kittens would just push her away.

The size-thing has haunted her ever since. We live out on the countryside, so everytime she went outside, she would get harras

Little Mia-mor
Exploring, snuggling, grownups, birds.
Children, cats, dogs, vacuum-cleaners, loud noises, being outside.
Favorite Foods
Catfood? We live in Norway, so she won't say no to some real Norwegian salmon.
Favorite Pastimes
She's a people-cat, so if she's isn't sleeping, then she is bothering the hell out of me. :)

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