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Meet Ouija

The Bengal
Mandi Belles He's been a bit of a gypsy.

Ouija is a 7 year old bengal, he loves nothing more than to snuggle with his girlfriend, our 10 pound poodle mix and he only cares about people when it's time for some petting-and he is very demanding, he yells at you until you touch him!  He sings in a crazy howly tone that is unlike anything you've ever heard and he makes twitchy faces and clicky throat noises in his sleep.  That adorable face will make you do pretty much whatever he wants. 

The dog's toys and naps.
Being picked up and his dinnertime being late.
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo Wilderness- he has a bit of a sensitive tummy so no food switches!
Favorite Pastimes
Killing spiders, singing like he's in an opera, snuggles, splashing in the water bowl.

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