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Meet Cotton

The Diluted Calico
Cliff & Cathi Cantrell Baltimore, MD

Cotton's pregnant abandoned Mama had her litter under the rooftop deck next door.  We rescued them from the wet cold and raised them as our own until it was time to leave their Mama.  We kept the most outgoing, little Cotton(ball) and she's Daddy's heart & soul now.  Almost two years old this Fall, we can't imagine not having her in our little family!


1 and a half
Daddy's Little Sweetie, Cotton(ball), Mama's little girl...
her big brother, Seymour... and playing outside in the yard, climbing trees and laying underneath them in the shade, and giving Mama kitten kisses at 3 in the morning!
loud noises
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
getting treats from Mom & Dad... playing string games, and lazer light on the stairs

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