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Meet Jack

The Domestic Shorthair - Tabby
Janet Harkness Dublin, CA

Meet Jack, a rambuncious and humongous orange tabby cat! Rescued with his sister Ally at 6 months from a local shelter, he's been such a love for the past six and a half years! He's always into something, from learning to open the bedroom door (he can reach it when he stands on his hind legs) to bothering his sister (her favorite spot is now under my bed) to being discovered cuddled up underneath my bed sheets, fuzzy head on the pillow. His favorite thing to do is to lay on his back w

JackJack, Chicken Nugget, Snug, Boo-Ski-Snack
Laying in the sun, naps with Mom, his outdoor space on the patio, knocking over papers and then laying on them, watching Food Network or whatever is on TV, making sure everyone who visits takes home a small piece of his hair as a parting gift, snuggling
Mom not being home, shut bathroom doors, getting splashed with water, THE VET, the smell of flea treatments
Favorite Foods
Catnip, wet food, tuna water, sauerkraut stew (yeah, that one threw me too!)
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, eating, napping, eating, singing/talking... Jack has a tendency to wake up the neighbors with his cat-urwalling in the early morning hours from his patio perch...

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