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Meet Tallie

The Don't know
Heather West Frankfort, IL

She is a recue cat. The Vet I took her to didn't know what breed she was nor how old. She caught my eye when I went to get another from a woman that rescues these cats and finds good homes for them. She was friendly and loving from the beginning. She's a very dominant cat. Shes so playful and loves to nap!

Don't know
Rotten & Spoiled lol
a wadded up pc of paper to chase and catch, sleepin by me, petted n brushed, and so many things!
other cats around me, he belly brushed, when I am gone she turns her back for a bit lol
Favorite Foods
Her favorite is Canned chunky chicken from special kitty! Friskies any of them, whiskas, fancy feast I trade off so she does get bored, Loves her treats too!Loves the white cheddar cheese its have to smash them!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping and playing with her wadded up paper ball.

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