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Meet Shaniqua

The American Shorthair / Tabby Calico

Shaniqua is an 8 year old tabby calico who I lovingly refer to as "a plus size model".  She originally was a stray that appeared at the front door of my family's home in New York, politely knocking on the door, as my mom put it.  She came right in and made her way to the fridge. My mom said that if she was still with us by the fall, we could keep her as an outdoor pet.  Little did we know at the time that she was pregnant, and she gave birth to a litter late that

Buddy, Little Lion, Shaniq
Sunshine, boxes, watching birds, spending time on the porch
other pets, dogs, getting her nails clipped
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast and any kind of fish
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in the sun, hiding in closets, tripping her human in the morning

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