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Meet Raja

The Bengal
Sophia StJonn Albuquerque

Hi! I'm Raja.  My Humans named me well. My name means "king" and I am known for my regal demeanor. I'm quite intelligent...and humble too! My Humans trained me to sit at the table and eat my dinner on a place mat, with only my front paws on the table, as etiquette dictates. I spend my days chasing my nephew, Arbuckle, grooming, sleeping, and doing tricks. I am the strong, silent type but when I speak, everyone listens!

My Humans set up a blog for the two of us B

Rajneesh, Raji Bear, Da Mans, Raji Pants, Da Fuzz
Da Bird toy, my humans, snuggles and pets
getting my nails trimmed, being held for too long, raised voices
Favorite Foods
tuna, turkey (prepared in ANY way!), people food like pork and steak
Favorite Pastimes
chasing Arbuckle, jumping to catch Da Bird, looking out the window, sleeping on clean laundry

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