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Meet Simi, pronounced Simey

The lilac point siamese
Pamela Blackier Prince George, BC

I saved Simi from going to the SPCA from a friend who's momma cat would not stop producing kittens. My other cat, Sara Kitty was getting up there in age, 23.5 years, when I brought Simi home. Sara kitty was fixed and was ok with the kitten as she put up with him, wanting to play and sleep with her. My dog, Zuki (fixed at 6 months old) fell in love with him right away and was a very concerned 'mom '. Simi loved to go outside where we lived. He had our yard and the neighbors yard to

almost 2 years
Simi or Sime Sime
SIME LOVES the outdoors and his 2 dogs. He also likes getting LUV treats when he comes in.
SIMI DISlikes not being allowed to go outside.
Favorite Foods
SIMI is not finnicky about his foods. He eats hard/ dry cat food... likes any lil pieces of table scraps the dogs get, he has to have a lil bite. He LOVES his LUV treats. What's in those things?? LOL
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging outside and coming in to tussle with the youngest dog, Patience.

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