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Meet Louis

The Siamese
Meghann Davies Asheville
I adopted Louis and his sister, Ella, when they were 6 weeks old. They were sick but Ella quickly got better while Louis did not. I took him to the vet who, seeing his poor health, recommended that I take him back to the shelter so “they could deal with this.” So, we went to a different vet and I told her that I wouldn’t be taking him back to the shelter, so we needed to have a treatment plan. Over the next month Louis got better and turned into the rambunctious kitten he’s supposed to be.
11 months
Little lion
Belly rubs, nipping at mama’s leg, eating, chasing the laser pointer
Closed doors, not being the center of attention, the vacuum cleaner, and salmon
Favorite Foods
Chicken in gravy canned food
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds from the window sill, being carried around so he can smell “up high” things, and sleeping in front of the space heater

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