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Meet Milo N Otis

The Mix
Bri Cavins Columbia MO
The gray one is Milo, the other is Otis. Funny story, Milo chose me... I was in an abandoned womens prison playing a ouija board and when I was leaving a little kitten came running from the field crying for me.He was no more than 5 weeks old! And Otis I was fostering for the humane society and we fell in love!He is our first "foster fail" Haha! Both very loveable boys who are like second children to me!
Miloion, Otisian
Attention, Food, Sleep, Boxes, Cat noise app
Baths, Butt Scratches, Cheap Tuna
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Catnip, Fancy Feast, Milk
Favorite Pastimes
Licking each other, cuddling, hiding in boxes,or washers, sleeping in the cat tree, Catching bugs, Gazing outside

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