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Meet Billy

The Buff tabby
Diane Levi Stamford, CT
My little boy developed insulin dependent diabetes 4-5 yrs ago. His blood sugar never stabilized tho we kept trying new things...1.5 yrs ago he was diagnosed w lymphoma. He was a very good patient w insulin but some other stuff was very challenging. If Billy was hungry, he would knock things to the floor to get my attention. It worked well. I will always remember the 2 liter bottle of olive oil he broke in the kitchen... He was a happy, comfortable boy tho he had these illnesses.
Deceased on 5/30/18
Billy willie
Im so grateful that i know i took good care of Billy and he was never in pain. Even at the end, our Vet was so kind and the process was peaceful.
Selfish people who keep their terminal cats going, who put their needs in front of their pets!!

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