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Meet Serena

The Silver Tabby
Beautiful Serena was once a feral cat, she was born on the streets and we rescued her (and her babies, who we found homes for) when she was about a year old. Serena is the most cuddly, sweet, loving, affectionate, kindhearted girl! I call her my shadow because she follows me around the house and loves to sleep in my arms and purrs loudly when I pat her! She is very photogenic and loves having her picture taken!
Rena, Serene, Rena-Rena-Ballerina!
Cuddling! She is always by my side and loves to sleep snuggling in my arms! Playing with her catnip toys and tunnels!
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast wet food, Temptations, cooked chicken, Open Farm dry food and tuna!

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