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Meet Judy

The Wire Haired Tabby
Sophia Bradley La Jolla
Boo, Boo Bear, Jetty, and Judy Jetson
To wrestle with her brother Roger, follow you around the house, hide and sleep in drawers, sunbathe on the balcony, ask for snuggles in the bathtub, sleeps and purrs next to the fireplace when it is on, and is always acting cute and begging for food.
Too much attention at one time, people touching her head for more than 5 seconds, her brother Roger snuggling with her too much, a smelly litter box, or hanging out in a loud room.
Favorite Foods
Temptation Chicken Treats, Temptation Wet Food, Dry Food, Cantaloupe, Milk
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, sunbathing, sitting by the fireplace, eating, fighting, cuddling, hunting, and watching what you do

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