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Meet Kaia

The Maine Coon x Ragdoll
Dale and Jacob Chesterfield
Hi, My name is Kaia, I'm a 12 week old Maine Coon x Ragdoll who loves to chase and play with my brother! I love to flop in my daddys arms during cuddles and those wiggly toes are my frenemies. Whenever I see them teasing me across the living room, thats when I pounce and I dont let those bad boys go! Fair to say my daddys aren't to pleased when my claws are wrapped around them, but I feel a sense of accomplishment Please vote for me guys, I'd love to be the queen of this competition!
12 weeks
Kai kai
Fish hook toys, Miceys, My brother
Hoover, Tumble dryer
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Coley, Treatos
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with my brother, Chasing daddys feet

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