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Meet Chaz

The Persian
Helen Mink New Tazewell Tennessee
Chaz is soooooo lazy, I had to hold him up to get his picture. He is 5 years old and has never been outside. He copies the humans around him. Cat's are smart. I'm sick and rest a lot so Chaz is my companion. I think this pic describes him. He ways 12 pounds and he's lazy!! BUT I call him my Service Cat. They have Service dog's so why not! He entertains me, a 60 year old disabled lady! All he ever has done wasn't so bad.If there's more than 2 poops in his litter box he'll "shit" in the floor! Ha
Shit head
He likes everything except the vet..
Favorite Foods
Purina One and tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing mice

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