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Meet Cuddles

The Tabby
Ashley Olmsted Gilbert, SC
Cuddles is my name. I was a lost cat off a country dirt road when I was rescued by my new parents. I Cuddled on them, purred, and showed them how sweet I can be so they'd keep me and feed me. They started calling me Cuddles. I am a lap cat. I meow a few times when waking. Playing chase when I am frisky, running from room to room is how I get attention sometimes. I love playing with string, hopping in boxes, sleeping where I'm not sapposed to, and most of all, I love mealtime!
Puddin Pie, sugar bear, fluff butt,
Playing with string, hopping in boxes, cuddling, sitting on dads lap, playing chase, from room to room, mealtime
The Vet, being ticked by dad when I want to play instead, not getting fed quickly enough
Favorite Foods
Rachel Ray chicken flavor crunchy food. Purina Beyond Turkey chunks
Favorite Pastimes
Looking out the window, relaxing on dads lap when he gets home, and playing chase with mom

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