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Meet Se7en

The Domestic
Alexis Phoenix
Se7en Winston is my best friend. He's like a dog in a cats body. He goes on car rides, greets me at the door, alerts everyone when we have someone approaching our home. He has some health issues a bladder condition that can spread to his kidneys if not taken care of properly. He's been on a strict diet but that hasn't changed his personality he's happy and loving. His journey to a healthy life has been rough but he's been very well behaved and seems to know he has to eat healthy and take meds
playing tag with the dog,rubs under the chin, hugs,& of course his mom
Being locked out of the room at night.when the dogs get more attention
Favorite Foods
chicken and vegetables
Favorite Pastimes
taking naps in the window, going on car rides, knocking things off the counter to get attention from dad

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