Petmate Acquires Precision Pet Products

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South Korea To Regulate Pet Ownership In Order To Reduce Abuse And Neglect

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South Korea aims to regulate the increasingly common ownership of pets in a bid to promote an unsupervised sector that the government sees as economic growth opportunity, and to crack down on animal abuse and neglect. more

Larry, Chief Mouser Of #10 Downing Street, Will Continue Catching Mice At Parilament

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Have you met Larry? He holds a pretty important role in the UK's parliament: Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The prestiguous role is in charge of keeping the rodent population of #10 Downing Street down, and Larry takes his job seriously. Since 2011 Larry has held his current job title, and will continue catching mice with the country's new Prime Minister Theresa May. more

Here's How You And Your Cat Should Celebrate France's National Holiday

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It's Bastille day (le quatorze juillet or la fête nationale if you're feeling French and fancy)! You don't have to be a chat noir to celebrate this French national holiday. We'd all love to hop a plane and picnic at the Eiffel Tower, but if your celebrations are keeping you a little more local, here's a couple of adorably French themed books! Amusez-vous! more
Chase toy

9 Toys Your Cat Wants To Chase

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Your cat loves zipping around your house, chasing anything that moves—and many things that don't! Embrace that feline instinct with one of these totally chase-able toys! Whether designed for independent or interactive play, they're bound to get your cat moving. Bonus: This is a great way to get your lethargic or overweight cat active!   If your cat could eat donuts she would, but this alternative is much safer (and dare we say sweeter!) more


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