Don't Overlook Your Pet's Dental Health

Category: Health
Most of us know oral hygiene can play a critical role in a person’s overall health, but did you know the same applies for your furry friends? Humans schedule regular dental cleanings to keep their gums and teeth healthy, but dental health in dogs and cats may be overlooked by pet owners. more
Cat Eating

Choosing The Right Food For Your Furry Friend

Category: Health
Many pet owners are becoming more conscious of the quality of food they are feeding their pets, but it is often difficult to determine what constitutes a healthy and nutritious meal. A dog or cat’s nutritional requirements vary based on age and health, which may leave some pet owners questioning how to provide the right kind of food. Dr. Sarah Griffin, lecturer at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, provided some insight. more

Why You Should Be Monitoring Urinary Behaviour

Category: Health
Recognizing irregular behavior is one of the most common methods pet owners use to determine if their cat may be sick or in pain. One behavior that should be closely regulated is urinary behavior. Keeping track of urination habits helps prevent conditions such as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), an umbrella term that refers to disorders affecting the bladder and urethra of cats. more

8 Ways To Give Your Cat The Best View In The House

Category: Cat Life
Elevate your cat to new heights! Give your cat the best seat in the house with these perfect for surveying perches. Whether it's a stylish cat tower, cozy shelf, or outdoor-observing window bed, these top-notch picks are sure to please!   The stylish Cosy and Dozy Chill Shelf gives your cat a superior place to lounge. Perfect for smaller homes, the shelf easily mounts to your wall and takes up hardly any space—just enough for your precious cat! more
Skin Conditions

How to Deal with Common Feline Skin Conditions

Category: Health
Being familiar with the signs of common skin irritations and diseases in your feline companion is important for your cat’s health. Certain skin problems could be sign of a more complicated underlying issue, such as physical pain, discomfort, or infection. more


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