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“Green” Your Cat

“Green” Your Cat

Simple swaps can greatly reduce your kitty’s impact on the environment without depriving them of their favourite things more
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Pub Cats is exactly what the name says it is: a site devoted to pubs with cats. The website hosts a “Cat Map,” where you can search for pubs and bars across...more
Tiny Confessions thumb

Tiny Confessions

Have you ever been bewildered by your cat’s actions, be he a connoisseur of the sweet herb or budding lepidopterist, and questioned just what is going on in...more
Chirping Cats

Chirping Cats

Many cats "chirp," creating a chattering sort of sound, especially when watching birds or squirrels outside their windows. Behaviourists believe that these...more
The benefits and challenges of a multiple cat home

Company for Your Cat?

At a friend’s home, you watch as her two young cats play like fiends, chasing each other, batting ping-pong balls, and having a grand time of it. Then, tired,...more
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The Siamese

With its stunning good looks and regal nature, it’s hardly a surprise that legends evolved and early folklore told of the Royal Cat of Siam—a cat that was so...more
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The Himalayan

With its piercing blue eyes, majestic fluffiness, and unique colourpointed fur design, it’s no surprise that the Himalayan is one of the most recognizable...more
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Springtime Gardening and Pet Safety

Spring is the season for being outdoors. For many that mean slipping on their rubber boots and gloves, grabbing their shovel, and planting seeds in the hope of an ample garden in the near future. While preparing your plot, it's important to take steps to ensure that it's safe for your pets to enjoy as well. more
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DIY Craft - Custom Jar Labels

Click here to download template! Homemade treats in a Mason jar adorned with a personalized label make a quick, thoughtful, and easy gift idea. Or label jars...more
Moving With Your Pet

Homeward Bound

Moving With Your Pet more


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