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Springtime Gardening and Pet Safety

Spring is the season for being outdoors. For many that mean slipping on their rubber boots and gloves, grabbing their shovel, and planting seeds in the hope of an ample garden in the near future. While preparing your plot, it's important to take steps to ensure that it's safe for your pets to enjoy as well. more
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DIY Craft - Custom Jar Labels

Click here to download template! Homemade treats in a Mason jar adorned with a personalized label make a quick, thoughtful, and easy gift idea. Or label jars...more
Moving With Your Pet

Homeward Bound

Moving With Your Pet more
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Adopting an Older Cat

There’s no mistaking it, kittens are adorable and many grow up to become magnificent companions. Unfortunately pet owners often forget the trouble involved...more
How I Met My Cat - Parker

How I Met My Cat - Parker

When I asked Parker if I should tell his story, he answered “rrmff.” In his kitty language, that meant yes. Parker is a cat who speaks only in consonants, not...more
Emergency Plan for Your Pet

Emergency Plan for Your Pet

When a disaster suddenly strikes it can be frightening for everyone, including your pet. The best thing you can do for you and your pet’s safety is to be...more
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Shelter Cats

10 Ways You Can Help Shelter Cats

1. Put a donation box out in your office for gently used collars, cat toys, towels, and other pet items, as well as any new-item donations your co-workers care...more
Toilet Train Your Cat

How to Toilet Train Your Cat

We’ve all heard about cats that have given up the old litter box for a more civilized venue in which to powder their noses. I have actually seen this...more
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13 Totally Adorable Cat Couples



Cat of the Week!

Meet: Rademenes