Fave Finds

Fave Finds

PureBites new wet cat food mixers have been tried and tested by Modern Cat expert tasters! Office cats Harry, Burton, Domino, and Ivy have generously tried out PureBites' new Wild Skipjack Tuna and Wild Alaskan Salmon in Water flavour, and it's safe to say that they are all obsessed. Made with only two ingredients, these pure, fresh mixers are low in calorie and rich in nutrients. They're also extremely tasty, so that they are sure to whet the appetite of any kitty who might be a bit picky! PureBites Mixers are also available in other scrumptious flavours - check them out here!  - ERM

Chit Chatter

Your cat will be thrilled to be on the hunt with SmartyKat's Chit Chatter Touch Activated toy! This fabulous electronic toy emits realistic cheeps and chirps whenever you cat takes a swat at it, an awesome function that is sure to activate your kitty's hunting instincts and keep him busy for hours. Available in bird and squirrel shapes, this adorable toy is the perfect choice to encourage even the laziest cats to get active! - ERM

Furocious Kitty

Your kitty will look SUPER patriotic this Fourth of July with Furocious Kitty's SuperCat Superman Collar! Available on Etsy, this red-white-and-blue collar is built with a safety release buckle and a matching tri-glide for adjustment. Handcrafted primarily from cotton, this star-spangled collar also comes with a blue Superman charm and a D-ring with a removable bell.  - ERM

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kit

Many cats enjoy playing outside, and being in nature gives them a great opportunity to smell new scents, exercise, and explore. But as a cat owner, you also want to make sure your cat is safe—without a good fence, she could run off or get attacked by a dog or coyote. A cheap and easy solution to this is Easy Pet Fence's Cat Fence Kitstheir Kitty Corral Cat Fences are simple to build and easy to install, meaning that you don't have to spend extra money on hiring a professional to help. These durable fences are also made from a polypropylene mesh material that deters cats from clawing. - ERM


Staff cat Domino (pictured), a reliable Modern Cat consultant, went wild for Fruitables' Wildly Natural Cat Treats! These all-natural, limited ingredient treats are crunchy and delicious, and are available in the tasty flavours of Wild Caught Salmon, Wild Caught Tuna, and Free Range Chicken. On top of this, Fruitables' Wildly Natural Cat Treats are protein-dense and calorie smart—only 1.25 calories per treat! Let your kitty get a taste of wilderness with these yummy treats. - ERM


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