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Call Of The Cats: What I Learned About Life And Love From A Feral Colony

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The man who followed the call of the cats, and fell in love with societies off-casts.

Call of the Cats

World traveler and spiritual seeker Andrew Bloomfield moved to Hollywood to break into the movie business. While getting settled into his bungalow, he found a colony of feral cats living behind his new home. After witnessing one too many raccoon attacks and hungry, crying kittens, Bloomfield started to actively care for this wild, feral colony. As a single, middle-aged, child-free man, he had never had the experience of caring for another vulnerable living thing — let alone an entire colony of them. Up until this point, he was more or less self-focused and independent in every way.

“My love affair with this feral cat colony made me challenge my notions of love and family,” Bloomfield says. “These cats became my family. They awoke in me the human impulse to help and protect, to serve and remain vulnerable. They showed me a path to meaning and fulfillment as I opened my heart to a group of ragged outsiders living on the margins of our so-called civilized world.”

About the book

Call of the Cats: What I Learned about Life and Love from a Feral Colony is a wildly entertaining read. I dare you to not get completely caught up in the stories of Tiny, Boots, and Leo — just a few of the leading feline stars in this soap-opera- level tale of battles, love affairs, death-defying antics, and new life. Bloomfield’s passionate care makes him a dedicated archivist and his flair for the dramatic makes him an excellent storyteller. Throughout the book are sweet, candid black-and- white photographs of many of the cats in the colony, so you can put a furry face to a name.

Of special interest is how Bloomfield weaves together caring for these wild cats with his spiritual path. Readers of self-help, empowerment and personal transformation will delight in how the author illustrates his life of service with the frustrations that come from navigating these notoriously “trickster-like” animals. His story is a journey from self-absorption to selflessness.

Call of the Cats: About the Author

Andrew Bloomfield is the author of Call of the Cats: What I Learned about Life and Love from a Feral Colony. After running his own bookstore in Seattle, Washington, where he hosted spiritual teachers from all over the world, he caught the film bug and moved to Hollywood. It was there he found his true calling — caring for a colony of feral cats above all else. He still lives in Los Angeles, and can be reached through New World Library.

While not all feral cats can be domesticated, learn more on how you could help feral cats adjust to a domesticated home.

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