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Quiz: What Kind of Cat Do You Have?

Take this quiz to determine your cat's personality type

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  • Niveen

    I have 7 cats but i don’t know their breed

  • Jesus

    My cat is black and white with yellow eyes unlike my other cat it has hard ears that always stand up

  • Claudia Hamilton

    My new SPCA cat Jeremy 4 years and 2 months old his adjusting to his new home well after being in a police raid with 70 other cats he needed teeth removed and a lump removed and fixed

  • Jamie

    My cat is 4 months old Female .very playful takes up with people fairly easy. Grey with black strips & dots green eyes ears stand straight up





  • Samantha

    Wow that did so much thx but I do not think that is what my kitten is but thx his name is enzo

  • Nathan

    My cat is very lazy attention seeking- she’s small, black and white and has yellow eyes!

  • Foe Nem🤟💉

    My cat likes to bite

  • Ahdgh

    This doesn’t really help, knowing the fact my cat is an outside cat.

  • Allysa


  • Kelly

    My cats the best

  • Piper Levasseur

    I have two cats and I’m pretty sure they’re both Tabby’s. My older cat secluds himself a lot but there are times where he wants love. My younger cat is always running around or sleeping on your chest purring loudly

  • Pearl

    Ahdgh it’s to find out what breed your cat is

  • A'Vianne Cannon

    My cats name us Spots. He is 5 months old, and he is black and white with greenish yellow eyes. He is so lovable and cute. I love him so much. The test said he was a renaissance cat. Very interesting 😁

  • Aiden

    How do I have more fun with my cat

  • Swinney


  • Sudan chriscoe

    The black n white male,h the white on him is underneath n he had long hair n long tail

  • Kaylie

    My kitten is absolutely ridiculous. She is either sleeping at the end of my bed, stretching out her body and open up her legs sometimes with her front paws curled at her chest. Then when she feels like it, she will jump up on my bed and lay on my chest, purring up a storm and sometimes even lick my face. If she starts to fall, the little brat just lets it happen because she knows that I’ll catch her. When I go to the bathroom, she has to come as well, otherwise she totally freaks out that she can’t sit on my freaking lap while I’m on the toilet, or creeping in on me while I take a shower. Usually, that’s also when she does her business and gets into her food and water bowls. She hates it when I do anything; if I’m writing, she tries to take my pens. If I’m on my phone, she will try to bite it and she even lays down on what I’m usually writing on just to keep me from it. This is the most rotten and ridiculous kitten I have ever had in my life. But oh, my, God isn’t she just the biggest little sweetheart.

  • Starz

    I am quite positive that though my twin boys are black and white, that they are siamese mixes. They have the most gorgeous eyes, their pupils are ringed with blue which slowly mixes into a sage green color and then fades to a golden eye color. I have seen odd eye in cats where one eye is different from the other, but I dont think I’ve ever seen it within in the single eye. But they have the classic siamese vocalizations and even build all covered in cow print

  • Tejada

    I think my cat is Russian blue becouse of the fur and ears but his mother is Chinese cat any one help

  • Lyla Bilodeau

    My cat is black with white paws and bright green eyes. I still don’t know what bread it is

  • Kameron Williams

    I don’t know what the results are but they must be good!

  • Hannah Battle

    My cat is a small orange tabby, He will be sleeping near my legs then jump up gracefully and glide down the hallway. Sometimes I don’t even see him leave.

  • Icy Cat

    My cat is very skinny and fit, he loves to go outside and exercise, but he’s a “Aloof Lazybones”??? I was just curious of what breed was he, because he’s looks exactly like a Russian blue but I honestly don’t know.

  • Britt

    They got my cat right she a snuggle bug

  • Jess Emerald

    This quiz is (kind of) helpful, I don’t think it’s backed up in my phone so I can’t really finish the quiz. Too bad.

  • Mia

    I have two cats and they are Hong Kong cats what is the mix of the cats in a Hong Kong cat.

  • Kendra

    My kitten has a triangular shaped head, black and white spots, yellow-brown eyes, standing up ears, and normal tail.

  • Cynthia

    Can anybody guess what mine is?! It’s a ❤️ 🐜!!!

  • Madeline

    I have A black cat name Clyde And he used to be a little affecionate now he has cancer and is hiding in corners

  • Magda sanchez

    Hello my name is magda iam trying to find my cat breed,he is gray with not to long hair, but fluffy tail light yellow eyes. gray all over except for the chest area is almost like a tiger print down to his tummy and he’s almost 9 month old had him a 4 weeks he is a wonderful cat and very active I like to know what kind of cat is he please thanks

  • Imo


  • mary nocciolo


  • mary

    How’s your day

  • Willa

    I have one 19 year old cat meow any time of day or night. But blonde to.

  • Michelle

    My cat is grey all over and very overweight. We found him on the side of the road as a very small kitten. He is very aggressive and hardly ever wants to be touched. If he does then he ends up biting us. He used to wait around the corner to attack us but then the last couple of years he has settled down but still doesn’t like affection. He has never been rough housed with but still acts aggressive.

  • Danielle hoops

    I have 2 cats and they are both gray with black stripes

  • Sj


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