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Quiz: What Kind of Cat Do You Have?

Take this quiz to determine your cat's personality type

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  • Niveen

    I have 7 cats but i don’t know their breed

  • Jesus

    My cat is black and white with yellow eyes unlike my other cat it has hard ears that always stand up

  • Claudia Hamilton

    My new SPCA cat Jeremy 4 years and 2 months old his adjusting to his new home well after being in a police raid with 70 other cats he needed teeth removed and a lump removed and fixed

  • Jamie

    My cat is 4 months old Female .very playful takes up with people fairly easy. Grey with black strips & dots green eyes ears stand straight up





  • Samantha

    Wow that did so much thx but I do not think that is what my kitten is but thx his name is enzo

  • Nathan

    My cat is very lazy attention seeking- she’s small, black and white and has yellow eyes!

  • Foe Nem🤟💉

    My cat likes to bite

  • Ahdgh

    This doesn’t really help, knowing the fact my cat is an outside cat.

  • Allysa


  • Kelly

    My cats the best

  • Piper Levasseur

    I have two cats and I’m pretty sure they’re both Tabby’s. My older cat secluds himself a lot but there are times where he wants love. My younger cat is always running around or sleeping on your chest purring loudly

  • Pearl

    Ahdgh it’s to find out what breed your cat is

  • A'Vianne Cannon

    My cats name us Spots. He is 5 months old, and he is black and white with greenish yellow eyes. He is so lovable and cute. I love him so much. The test said he was a renaissance cat. Very interesting 😁

  • Aiden

    How do I have more fun with my cat

  • Swinney


  • Sudan chriscoe

    The black n white male,h the white on him is underneath n he had long hair n long tail

  • Kaylie

    My kitten is absolutely ridiculous. She is either sleeping at the end of my bed, stretching out her body and open up her legs sometimes with her front paws curled at her chest. Then when she feels like it, she will jump up on my bed and lay on my chest, purring up a storm and sometimes even lick my face. If she starts to fall, the little brat just lets it happen because she knows that I’ll catch her. When I go to the bathroom, she has to come as well, otherwise she totally freaks out that she can’t sit on my freaking lap while I’m on the toilet, or creeping in on me while I take a shower. Usually, that’s also when she does her business and gets into her food and water bowls. She hates it when I do anything; if I’m writing, she tries to take my pens. If I’m on my phone, she will try to bite it and she even lays down on what I’m usually writing on just to keep me from it. This is the most rotten and ridiculous kitten I have ever had in my life. But oh, my, God isn’t she just the biggest little sweetheart.

  • Starz

    I am quite positive that though my twin boys are black and white, that they are siamese mixes. They have the most gorgeous eyes, their pupils are ringed with blue which slowly mixes into a sage green color and then fades to a golden eye color. I have seen odd eye in cats where one eye is different from the other, but I dont think I’ve ever seen it within in the single eye. But they have the classic siamese vocalizations and even build all covered in cow print

  • Tejada

    I think my cat is Russian blue becouse of the fur and ears but his mother is Chinese cat any one help

  • Lyla Bilodeau

    My cat is black with white paws and bright green eyes. I still don’t know what bread it is

  • Kameron Williams

    I don’t know what the results are but they must be good!

  • Hannah Battle

    My cat is a small orange tabby, He will be sleeping near my legs then jump up gracefully and glide down the hallway. Sometimes I don’t even see him leave.

  • Icy Cat

    My cat is very skinny and fit, he loves to go outside and exercise, but he’s a “Aloof Lazybones”??? I was just curious of what breed was he, because he’s looks exactly like a Russian blue but I honestly don’t know.

  • Britt

    They got my cat right she a snuggle bug

  • Jess Emerald

    This quiz is (kind of) helpful, I don’t think it’s backed up in my phone so I can’t really finish the quiz. Too bad.

  • Mia

    I have two cats and they are Hong Kong cats what is the mix of the cats in a Hong Kong cat.

  • Kendra

    My kitten has a triangular shaped head, black and white spots, yellow-brown eyes, standing up ears, and normal tail.

  • Cynthia

    Can anybody guess what mine is?! It’s a ❤️ 🐜!!!

  • Madeline

    I have A black cat name Clyde And he used to be a little affecionate now he has cancer and is hiding in corners

  • Magda sanchez

    Hello my name is magda iam trying to find my cat breed,he is gray with not to long hair, but fluffy tail light yellow eyes. gray all over except for the chest area is almost like a tiger print down to his tummy and he’s almost 9 month old had him a 4 weeks he is a wonderful cat and very active I like to know what kind of cat is he please thanks

  • Imo


  • mary nocciolo


  • mary

    How’s your day

  • Willa

    I have one 19 year old cat meow any time of day or night. But blonde to.

  • Michelle

    My cat is grey all over and very overweight. We found him on the side of the road as a very small kitten. He is very aggressive and hardly ever wants to be touched. If he does then he ends up biting us. He used to wait around the corner to attack us but then the last couple of years he has settled down but still doesn’t like affection. He has never been rough housed with but still acts aggressive.

  • Danielle hoops

    I have 2 cats and they are both gray with black stripes

  • Sj


  • Tori

    Nice !

  • Everhett Gerald Daniels

    my cat is stripid and funy and only biets whin its playieng

  • Chadsity

    I know hes a tabby but what breed

  • Miss

    My cat is black and white and it is a girl

  • Michelle villamar

    My cat, I believe is 11-15 years old. Likes to be alone and unbothered unless he’s hungry then he will MEOW and sit near his dish until I feed him. His fur is a combination of black stripes on his tail, gray, very light brown and white on his underside. He has eyes as my sister says, “A beautiful green galaxy and at the center an endless black void. ” What breed is he?

    • Ashley Lee

      Hi Michelle. It’s difficult to say what breed he is without seeing him as many breeds can be multi-coloured. I love your sister’s description of his eyes though – Gorgeous!

  • Santa

    I also don’t know what breed my cat is is. 😆😅

  • Latosha Diles

    I have been trying to find out for a little over a year now to find out what breed my male cat is.. I have never seen a cat like him before.. he is big for his age, at 5 months old I swear the person we got him from lied about how old he was, he was the size of any other normal cat I seen but vet confirmed his age. I got him when he was 7 weeks old. He is long and big but not over weight, he is cream and chocolate color with black on top of his tail, black on all four of his feet and up all four of his legs, black ears and black on his face, ice blue eyes. His eyes are amazing in the light they are shaped like any other cat eyes but not in the light they are round..I have never seen anything like him before.. I have had people offer my crazy amounts of money for him I always instantly turn them down. There’s no way I could ever get rid of my baby.. he loves attention in his terms no one else’s, he eats on his own terms as well lol.. he very loveable.. lays around more then he plays.. he isn’t to playful since he hit a year old.. I would love to find out what breed he is, the vet trys to charge a arm and a leg for the test, I rather spend the money on his upkeep . He squats to use the kitty box, and if my female goes to the box and don’t cover up her potty which she normally doesn’t he will go to the tub and pee in the drain, never sparyed in the house.. he does things we have not trained him to do, very smart fella.. I wish I could upload a photo I definitely would hoping someone could give me some info. I may just have to brake down and pay for the test..

    • Ashley Lee

      Hi Latosha,

      It sounds like you have a wonderful fur-baby! If you would like to find out more about him you can try ordering a Cat DNA Test Kit from Basepaws. They will send you a kit to collect DNA from your cat (fur and a cheek swab) and can then tell you the breed and give info on his ancestral roots. You can find out more at Hope this helps! -AL

  • Angie Edwards

    My acts like a gog or bobcat

  • Yosa

    I have 2 kittens

  • Cher

    I have two babies, an orange tabby and a calico!

  • Nora

    I have one cat and his name is Sully. I have had him for 2 years.❤️ I have absolutely NO clue what type my cat is!☺️❤️

  • Hayle


  • Esmeralda

    I have 2 cats, but the one I want to know the cat breed of is the boy. My boy cat has a squirrel tail and pointed cheeks.. what cat breed is he?

  • Rida

    I have 4 cats but I only know one of their breeds witch is a flame point Saiamese

  • Sam

    My cat is small but soo chubby, he’s black and white and has beautiful green eyes

  • Rose

    My cat is a stray and he bits and scratches to play and we don’t know how old he is his a kitten brown on the tale and brown in the face and paws and white everywhere else

  • Ginger Davis

    My cat is calico, she is not a bobtail, her tail was amputated. Medium cost. Left leg horizontal striped black, left leg horizontal striped orange. Colors; orange, white, black, brown, grey and Carmel.

  • Anastasia Driza

    I have four cats that are tabby’s but one of them that I’ve had for 2 years has a lighter coat then the others and still is the same size he his when we got him

  • Charlotte

    Long haired black and white kitten 5 months old white socks however I think she’s more than a domestic cat her eyes have started to go green the vets say it’s fine but unusual as long as it dosnt go dark shades she’s so talkative and not like any other domestic cat I’ve had would love to find out what else is in her

  • Sasha pier

    She looks like a Maine Coon, tufts on ears and between toes. Very, very easy to train. Walking with harness and leash at 10 weeks. Very friendly with everyone

  • diana

    just got a cat and have no idea what breed she is

  • Tisha Davis

    My cat is gray at the top and white at the bottom with green eyes very affectionate

  • Muer

    Just came here to confirm that i have the greatest cat in the world

  • Banana ~ Split

    My cat isn’t a female..


    I have teo two lovely kittens just getting to there teenager years
    would really love to know what they are

  • pau

    this was close but not

  • pau

    this is great

  • Lafz

    Cats are my 2nd favouriteanimal

  • Carolyn Perrien

    I have a female, she has the tabby M and stripes, a tortioseshell coat ecxept for a white spot on her belly, and her paws are white. Is she a Calico, Tortie, Torbie, or Caliby???

  • Carolyn Perrien

    I have a female, she has the tabby M and stripes, a tortioseshell coat except for a white spot on her belly, and her paws are white. Is she a Calico, Tortie, Torbie, or Caliby???

  • Madison

    I love my kitty

  • Sydney Genessy


  • Stephanie

    I have a boy cat I don’t know what type, but he is really big and only a year old he look like tiger or cheetah

  • amber

    my cat is so affectionate and caring she will never hiss or scratch anyone sh sometimes lies on your stomach when feels like. She is named shadow and she is black with white paws and a white chin

  • Charlotte Hagen


  • LaVoila` G. Thomas William

    again can you tell me where in Jackson miss I can get my Siamese cats registered. that’s my question to anyone that can give me this information, oh and my cats is full breed Siamese. please help thank you.

  • LaVoila` G. Thomas William

    I have 4 Siamese cats , 3 females and 1 male the male is the same color allover but different shade his face ,ears ,feet, and tail and balls is the same color and his body is a lighter shade same color .the females one is black all over, one is white and brown with a white star on the middle of her face , the last one is brown and black all over her body. the first two eyes is blue with diamond shape the last two eyes is yellow diamond shape also. my male Siamese is 4 mons and three he is big the females is smaller

  • nichella

    Hey I just signed up for this. Do we get free Magazines or do we have to pay for them?

    Anyways. My cat Oreo is black and white and shes tiny like really short. SHes almost a year old

  • sarah

    i lovee cats

  • Maidoo

    My cat is white and a bit of grey on her face,tail and a bit on her back

  • Cody


  • Dibz

    Pain in the but

  • Alice

    I did the quiz 3 times. Once for each cat,
    Cat 1: The Play Monster. He is a bit insane. Always fun and on the run. Don’t know the breed but he is purely black and small. Green eyes too.
    Cat 2: The shy Guy. Almost never seen but when I do get to him he always wants attention. Again, don’t know the breed but he is orange.
    Cat 3: The Lovebug. Vanilla is grey with little black lines. I don’t know how to describe that but if you look at the picture for The Lovebug (Mostly c’s) it’s almost exactly like the grey one their. Nillabean is my baby!
    They all love me and are always around me. They all follow me everywhere. There are 4 other people in the house but none of them like to spend a lot of time with others. Just a fun fact,

  • Catlover33

    My kitten is a stray but acts like she’s the dominant human, although she’s almost always nowhere to be found! When she is in your presence she is ruling the room and won’t be disturbed.

  • emily

    Tell me!!!!!

  • alizabeth

    I own 7 cats 2 are calicos and 1 black and white 1 gray and white and 3 tabbies and i dont know the breed!!!!!

  • Alexi Riingen

    My cat is black with brown and gray undertones and long fur

  • Poppy:

    My cat is a beautiful cat with grey fur and gold eyes but in pictures she eyes look grey. Her name is Poppy

  • Jackson Barnette

    My cat is very fluffy and just orange and white but i don’t know the breed. He’s a rescue cat. we got him from the humane society. Anyone dare to give me suggestions about what breed he is?

  • Maddison

    My kitty Cody is my best friend. 🙂

  • Brayden

    I’m think mine is a calico of how she looks but she is a out of shape and is lazy also she purr so much that the hole house is covered in her fur

  • Angie padilla

    My cat is a female who is black but has 2 white thick lines on her chest & her paws are white.

  • Natasha

    I have no idea what breed my cat is but I think it may be mixed with a Himalayan cat bc of its very small pushed in nose (when he sleeps he makes a lot of congested sounds) he has long hair and circle eyes. He doesn’t have so much of the Himalayan characteristics which is why I’m curious as to what breed he is or what 2 cats is he mixed with…

  • William Skinner

    My kitty girl

  • Tara Morgan

    “Harris” Furloozers and Peesha are both play monsters (so true) and Q-tip is not surprisingly a shy guy (scared of EVerything!)

  • Liz

    Tuukka is named after the Boston Bruins goalie and is a Maine Coon mix

  • Lawren Carlton

    What’s my cat breed?

  • #catlover

    My cat is white and has black spots.She seems like she’s a mix of long hair and shorthair

  • owner of the best cat in the world

    My cat is white and has gray spots.She has long hair ,and she’s soooooooooooooooooo cute.

  • Ace

    He likes belly rubs and he’s grey with fluffy fur what’s the breed?

  • Its 2am and im bored

    My first cat is a calico bobtai named cookie, sometimes she plays with me and my other cat, sometimes she just wants to be left alone. My other cat is a long hair maine-coon named viper, he always wants attention, if he is’nt asleep, he will do anything to get me or cookie to play with him. I love my cats >:3

  • Raelynn

    Had a difficult time answering questions

  • Will Pridmore

    Not sure what breed she is

  • Debbie Eward

    Trying to find out what kind of cat he is .He has a heart shaped head and has hair growing out his ears.Med to short hair and he weighs about 10-13 pounds.And he is dark gray and white with yellow eyes

  • Layla


  • billy

    I don’t like how you assume my cat is a her witch he is not

  • Anna


  • Esme

    Very true 👌😂

  • Dave


  • Shahzeb ali

    my cat is a playful cat

  • Iris

    my cat looks like a loaf a bread shes so lazy 🙂

  • Iris


  • gum

    i have a black cat an a black and white one black one is shadow and black and white one is poppy there both sisters and there 3 ! but they dont really like the dog jess shes black and white and 3 and shadow got mixed up with poppy and jesss when they where little and played with jess she loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My cat is White with one grey spot on his head and a grey tail with a white spot on the tip of it

  • Random Person

    This is so my kitten! She is sleeping right next to me on my bed while I rub her belly. I am her favorite human in the world 😊

  • Isla Mealin

    Hi is a little cutie I’m 10 years old and love him to bits I still can’t find his breed he has got white round his nose . He has got a pink and black nose white chest and then a brown black and grey sort of coat it would be helpful if you could help me . It also has big green eyes x

  • Jada

    I have a kitten so idk if this is going to be accurate

  • Mila

    My cat is the best cat ever follow him on Instagram @rascal_meows123

  • Trash_panda

    Mostly “B’s”• The Aloof Lazybones
    Yes and no?? My cat is very loyal and only sleeps at night time ( i dont even tell her to go to sleep!) So yes and no

  • Megan

    I have a black cat but literally don’t know anything about them, I’ve always been a dog person and I’m just curious.

  • Julie

    My cat is super lazy and pretty big hes has beautiful patterns all over him and loves to cuddle i think he might be part Maine coon

  • Adopt me pandas are adorable (julie)

    This is just barely true me cat sassy does love chasing toys but shes not the shy type….at least not around me shes definately not like the last cat i mentioned

  • Lai

    My cat is a Female, I have two, midnight and Crystal, Midnights the youngest, and since he likes to bite Crystal he usually gets more attention. Crystal is white, when she was younger she has a strip of gray on the top of her head, midnight is gray, he has white on his stomach and chest. Midnight is more hyper while Crystal is shy, midnight is a Blue… Something and Crystal should be the same but they look Nothing alike, kinda….

  • Kindra

    the orange one looks exactly like my cat!!!

  • 🦋Indira Allan🦋

    His is grey

  • Layley

    I love all 6 cats but I really don’t know their breed

  • Silmiya

    My cat is a bit smaller than other cats but she is a mother of 3 new born kittens her tail is having long hair not in her body

  • Kathy Meier

    My cat is confident, large and not afraid of anything but loud cars.

  • Mya

    My cat is so soft and very lovable.

  • Mya

    My cat is a Scottish fold and we got her when she was a kitten.

  • lili

    My cat is grey on a little bit of her head and her back, and the rest is white. Her eyes are green. 🤔

  • Pooppoo

    Whats my cat

  • Priya

    you didn’t tell me what breed i have! I’ll try another and see if it is better…

  • Elizabeth

    My 5 month old cat is Mainly black and with 4 white Feet and chest but in the light he has tabby All over him under he’s black fur

  • Ashley Campos

    My baby is lack with honey brown eyes and so many people tell me different breeds when they meet him. I need to know lol

  • Lola

    i asked what breed and it does NOT say

  • Jess


  • Johnathan

    That’s not my cat my cat is black white and

  • kay

    I get “The Play Monster” no matter what responses I choose. I re-did the quiz and found that I did *not* use mostly A answers, yet I get “The Play Monster” regardless of which answers I choose–is there a way to fix this?

  • autumn

    my kitten is fluffy, has a short tail, looks black but when light hits him it looks copper, and he has greenish eyes that stay dilated constantly

  • Akari

    My cat is a very long furred male called Tanjiro ( my bf likes demon slayer ). he is a reddish black colour with light ginger speckles by his eyes and tail, and he got “Play Monster”

  • Reb

    My cat is white with black and brown spots on him with bright blue eyes

  • meowy

    omg my cat is a play monster he is so cute tho but he is teething so i bet you can get all the bite marks on me lol

  • meowy

    reb you cat is a tabby breed then

  • Felicia Parkin

    My cat is black and white and has a puffy tail.

  • Michelle

    i have a balck cat and he has yellow eyes and i don’t know his breed

  • Riley

    Lots of the answers my cat does so i had to pick the one she does the most.

  • jesus

    i got the play monster but the bad thing is that when i was reading a question 2 words were stuck together like this seeyou later and my breed of cat is bombay and tortoiseshell

  • Abbey atkins

    My cat is black and white and has yellow eyes. She is very fluffy and laid back. She is sweet, doesn’t play much, loves food, sleeps a lot, loves attention, and is also old

  • Zariyah Green

    My cat is like a dark grey with a racoon detailed tail,and on his belly and paws are white and hazel like hazel brown eyes!!!

  • Jane Qualls

    My cat his name is Romeo, He is energetic, playful, and LOVES taking naps. He looks like a grey tabby but I’m not sure.

  • Jane Qualls

    How do I take the test?

  • Tiffany

    I have a black kitten that has a little bit of white on her neck and belly she’s a girl she loves play biting and loves treats and her other toys

  • lupe

    ihave 3 cats and i dont know twoo of thems breed

  • Wendy Scott


  • May Collins

    My cat looks like a lepord realy is a pretty cat sorta overweight but we got it free from this weird place

  • Kim posey

    Aloof , inside and outside cat he loves to be loved on

  • Kandace

    you got it 😀 I got lovebug

  • Lola

    i have almost 10 cats and i only know some of there breeds.hmm niveen and me have almost the same amount of cats

  • Adeline Mayes

    My cat is tabby in Maine coon mix he’s still a kitten and he has green eyes he also has a kink in his tail.

  • Addison

    My result is definitely my cat and the picture that showed up even looked like him!!! LOL
    love this app.

  • Addison

    I have 2 cats they have the cutest names Buddy Cat is especially chubby and Zoe fairly skinny

  • natasha ellington

    It said my cat was a boi its a girl bro what is wrong with this thing

  • Lexie

    My cat has soft fur and is nice and lovable and has yellow green eyes I don’t know what breed he is

  • Emelia

    I’ve got a female black and white cat called Ella she was a stray and extremely tired and skinny when she first found my house she soon settled in and with good love and care and food of course! She is now the most playful loving and affectionate cat I’ve ever met she was probably about 4 / 5 years old when she first came and I’ve had her for 5 years now I had a male cat before her called Clyde he was also a stray ! 😁 I had from when I was the age of 4 til about 6 then he unfortunately died of cancer he was also a gentle giant and very quiet and cute 🥰 he was a dark ginger Colour and absolutely stunning ! I was SOO lucky to get Ella just a year after Clyde died it was almost as if Clyde sent her to come to me for company 😍😍. I’m now 11 years old and so happy to have such a beautiful cat 😻 cats are my favourite animal and I hope for lots when I’m older ! Although I’m not too sure of her breed I’m pretty sure she’s a British short hair ! I’ve got a nephew called Brody who absolutely adores Ella although he can be a bit ruff sometimes he’s only 18 months old 😂😂 and he’s also expecting a little sister soon too 😍! My sisters currently 38 weeks pregnant so it won’t be long now til bluebells here !! 🥰😍

  • Emily

    A have a tortie cat named Peekaboo. She the biggest jerk face pet ever but we love her. She showed up at our doorstep as a kitten and we fell in love. Anyway, I took this quiz and I got Lazy Bones and that’s sort of correct because she eats and sleeps A LOT. The weird thing is unlike my other cat, Cookie, she’s not chunky at all. Oh the mysteries of Peekaboo.

  • Brelee

    what kind of cat is my cat

  • I love cats sooo much

    my kitten is THE best. she is really small and she is a girl. she is a very playfull, cute adorably curious tabby kitten with clear green eyes called Felicity

  • I love cats sooo much

    my kitten Felicity is THE BEST. she is small for her age. she is cute, attention loving and curious. she is very cute. when we first got her she ran up the chimney! she is very funny and i will say this: curiosity killed the cat! (even tho shes still far from dead) lol

  • Savannah

    My cat is Calico colored but I’m not sure exactly what breed she is?

  • Alexandra

    i knew he was gonna be lAzY his name is Rollie and he is like at the courner of my couch sleeping of course yep he is SOOO lazy -,-

  • madi

    my cat is black and wi

    gray and white and has a ring around its neck

  • Milani Viau

    My cat Princess Tiny looks like a one of a kind.

  • Vivoreee

    My cat’s mother is pure siamese and idk what’s his father because when we buy her mother, her mother is already pregnant and my mama said that her father is long haired and big. And my cat’s medium haired tabby with white fur color, her tail was amazing when she plays around because her tail fur is getting bigger.

  • H{0}ly zwA!ter

    I have 1 cat And im not sure what her breed is

  • why do you wanna know my name

    My cat is kinda a jerk he’s always bugging me to give him food and let him outside he will just sleep next to me.

  • Maudileena Lily Housewhacker

    My cat is white and brownish grey with olive green eyes and dark stripes on tail

  • Cute cat

    I have lots of cats but know none of the breeds

  • juliet watson

    my cat is black,fluffy,green eyes,cudly,bad, hard to handle

  • Pollyanne Hawkes

    My 7 are magical balls of fur that love their Daddy and me. They are always around us, sleeping right next to us or on top of us. They live their pets, each morning we are greeted by each in turn getting loves. We have two torties, 2 striped tabbies, a patched tabby, an all white and an all black one. Five girls and 2 boys from 3 to 16!!!!!!

  • Shellie

    My orange tabby Logan is very affectionate and loves me! He sleeps with me every night and he loves to cuddle with me. Logan is always licking my face or sleeping on top of me to get warm. He is my sweet heart and is a very good boy! His favorite foods are raspberry yogurt, applesauce, and lettuce. He is my little sweetheart!!

  • Anthony

    My cat Wally is part Maine Coon and a big guy who loves to play, eat and go outside, but is afraid of all kids

  • Ms Kats

    I lost my kitty in October 2020; feel lost without her cuddles and purrs.

  • Dawn E Hudson

    I have 5 cats 2 are my boyfriend’s 1 is mine 2 I rescued from the hot heat of the Arizona Sun love them all couldn’t ask for better cats


    Did this just once. Got mostly “c” – The Lovebug. But need to go back another three times. And they’ll all be different.
    Now – is this a different test? I took the one to find out my cat’s purrsonality.
    Not her breed. DSH Callie

  • Norrin Radd

    I’m at the first question, and already none of the answers apply.

    My cat comes running to investigate the sound of the door. When I enter, she stares at me wide-eyed. I present my hand, she sniffs it thoroughly, rubs against it, then trots away.

  • Raymond

    I have 4 cats 2 sisters and 2 brothers separate family but I don’t know their breed

  • Daniel

    Good test

  • idk

    My cat is lazy grey white and dark grey she has stripes likes to play but no with people watching her

  • masy

    this just tells personality not breed??

  • avery

    there is no quiz

  • Miaoli Chen

    I liove my cat and i make her love her as much i can

  • Robin

    I have three cats one is white with orange patches the other two are grey with black stripes and a little white

  • Omar

    My cat is like a turd/marshmello

  • sara

    I have 8 cats and I don’t know their breed

  • Vera

    I have one cat that I think is a barn cat, but I’m not sure.

  • Timothy

    i have a tabby cat just over a year old and i do not know her breed and she is not a Bengal

  • deez nuts

    this was fun but very incorrect lol

  • Hunter

    His name is Luigi but i thought this would tell me what kind of cat is not his personality But thx

  • Cat person

    Not helpful, also sexist.

  • Molly

    My kitten had a bobtail

  • Faith


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