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Cat Vocalization Types

Hear audio clips and watch videos of cat sounds



Domestic Cat Vincent Purrs:


Domestic Cat Donna Purrs:


Domestic Cat Rocky Purrs:


Domestic Cat Turbo Purrs:


Soft Squeak Embedded Within the Purr:


Domestic Cat Turbo Snores & Purrs:


Turbo Meows & Purrs Demandingly:


Caine the Purring Cheetah:



(Chirruping, Chirring, Grunting, Murmuring, Cooing)


Donna Trills by the Door:


Kompis Trills by the Window:


Visman Trills Softly:


Donna Squeaks, Trills, and Purrs on Lap:


Turbo Meows & Grunts:


Donna Meows, Trills, and Trill-Meows:


Meowing Sounds:


Visman is Mewing Sadly:


Visman Mews Because She is Wet and Hungry:


Donna Squeaks Demandingly:


Donna Squeaks and Trills:


Donna Squeaks and Purrs:


Donna, Rocky, and Turbo Moan at the Vet’s:


Kompis Moans, Meows, Howls, and Growls:


Rocky and Turbo Meow to Solicit Food:


Turbo Meows and Purrs:


Zoran Meows by the Cellar Door:


Donna & Turbo Meow to Solicit Food:


Donna Trill-Meows, and Trill-Squeaks:


Howling, Yowling, Moaning and Anger Wailing:


Komis Yowls at an Intruder:


Red and Intruder Howl:


Two Cats Howl and Cry (Scream) in Haapsalu:


Donna Hisses and Howls, Visman Growls:


Kompis and Teddy are Howling and Moving in Slow Motion:


Phonetic Characteristics of a Howl-Growl (or a Howl-Growl-Howl):


Mating Calls (and Other Sounds by Cats in the Mating Season):


Red Calls and Meows:


Kompis Calls for Female Cat:


Kompis Meows at Donna: 


Visman Coos and Trills Softly:


Visman Trills Quietly:


Visman is in Heat and Mews Softly:


Female Cat Mating Call #1:


Female Cat Mating Call #2:


Growling (Snarling):


Visman Growls in her Carrier:


Visman Growls Softly:


Hissing and Spitting:


Donna Hisses and Howls:


Hissing, Howling, and Growling:


Snarling, Screaming, Crying, (Pain) Shrieking:


Visman Snarls, Hisses, Spits, and Growls:


Visman Growls, Snarls, and Spits:


Chirping and Chattering:


Rocky Chatters and Chirps:


Turbo Chirps by the Window:


Donna Chirps by the Window:


Rocky Tweets at Birds:


Rocky Tweedles:


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