Take your kitty to a whole new level with Cloud 9 treats for cats.

Cats everywhere are losing it over Cloud 9, the most indescribably delicious cat treat in the world. Just one nibble propels cats into a state of the most sublime feline cat-stasy, then keeps them meowing for more.

Cloud 9 has been developed with a cat’s taste buds in mind, for maximum cat appeal. It’s loaded with flecks of their favourite flavours like egg, chicken and salmon. A combination of natural yeasts builds a flavour intensity that explodes on a cat’s palate for a flavour they go crazy for. See for yourself!

Cloud 9’s unique, protein-based cat treat is a healthier alternative to other popular treats. Loaded with whey protein and whole eggs, cats get more of the stuff they love, and more of what their bodies need. Whey protein is the natural protein found in milk, and is quickly and easily digested.

People are re-discovering the beauty of simple. Cloud 9 treats don’t need to be fortified with vitamins and minerals as they’re made with only quality ingredients, without a shred of the empty by-product or grain filler found in most cat treats.

Cloud 9 is a healthy addition to any cat’s diet, containing more of what cats want, and none of what they don’t.  Cloud 9 has no:

• by-products
• added gluten
• salt
• corn
• wheat
• preservatives
• dyes
• artificial flavors

And at only 2.1 calories per treat, Cloud 9 keeps a cat's energy up and preserves his feline form.

Cats deserve treats made with the greatest of care. Cloud 9 is proudly made in Canada for the utmost assurance of quality. Find them near you with Cloud 9’s store locator.

For more information, please visit cloud9forcats.com, or connect with Cloud 9 on Facebook!