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Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

It's the hottest time of the year (well, for us Northern Hemisphere folks) and we are all battling the heat. How do you ensure that kitty is drinking enough water? If your cat is indoor-only, she may rely on only getting water from the one bowl that you put out. If your cat gets dehydrated, then you risk digestive problems, heatstroke and other medical complications. So how do you encourage kitty to drink up?

If your cat enjoys drinking from a running water source, like a faucet, consider a cat fountain to serve up the liquid. Consider having a separate drinking station from your cat's food bowl, to make drinking convenient (this is super-useful if you have a multi-cat household). Make the second watering station somewhere quiet and private, so the cat is not deterred by noise.

Remember if you are on the road this summer with kitty, think ahead. We always have a collapsible cup from Popware for Pets in our kitty carrier – we like how the carabiner just clips onto the side of the bag (pictured above). Figure out what is best for your pet and the trip you are taking.

If the weather is exceptionally warm, put a ceramic or metal bowl to chill prior to using it, so the water stays cooler longer (although some cats will only drink room temperature water, so you may need to experiment). Many pet owners prefer not to use a plastic bowl due to concerns about chemicals and toxins leaching into the water as it stands all day. Do remember the golden rule – change the water frequently and check the litterbox. If your cat isn't producing enough urine, he is not drinking enough.

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