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Proper nutrition is critical for your pets’ health and well being. Good nutrition, including an abundant supply of phyto nutrients derived from plants is the basis for preventative health care. Modern pets foods are formulated to supply the required amounts of fat, protein and key vitamins and minerals for your pet to maintain basic health. Unfortunately, however, the majority, even most of those that claim to be made from whole foods, are processed at high temperatures and as a result are lacking in these powerful natural compounds, or phytonutrients, to make a genuine difference to your pets health.  Supplementing with the right natural product can go a long way in preventing chronic and acute health problems in your pet. CRANIMALS Pet Supplements are unique – they are made from Kosher, certified organic cranberry, red raspberry and blueberry, spirulina and microalgae extracts processed at ultra low temperatures to preserve these critical phytochemicals – phytochemicals that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and antioxidant.  CRANIMALS has a range of supplements to arm your cat or dog with a daily dose of these crucial phytonutrients to help prevent chronic degenerative disease like cancer, arthritis, skin allergies, tear stains, urinary tract infections, kidney and liver disease, and cognitive decline, by simply sprinkling the powdered berry supplement over kibble or wet food. In addition to supplements, Cranimals has a line of diagnostic test kits for use at home. In 2 minutes, pet parents can have a diagnosis for Urinary Tracts Infections or possible kidney disease or diabetes using either a Cranimals UTI or General Wellness test kit. The tests are non invasive and require a small amount of urine collected from your pet using proprietary urine collection devices, supplied with the kits. The tests detect parameters such as blood, glucose, protein, leukocytes and nitrites, indicative of UTIs, kidney failure and diabetes in cats and dogs and are ideal to use, either monthly for chronically ill or senior pets, or a few times a year for younger pets, in conjunction with daily use of either Cranimals’ Original (UTI) or Cranimals Vibe/Very berry (Detoxification/Antioxidant) supplements. For a complete overview of the whole Cranimal’s supplement, test kit and functional chew range, visit or follow this link to listen to a radio interview with Dr. Wilma Pretorius, the founder and product formulator of all the Cranimals supplements.




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