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On the Prowl with Pretty Litter™, the New Diagnostic Kitty Litter

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A new diagnostic kitty litter is about to turn the cat litter market upside down. Pretty Litter™ is a revolutionary, low-cost, lightweight color changing kitty litter that monitors your cat’s health issues. Pretty Litter can detect the most common and severe feline health issues, allowing cat owners to pursue medical care before they spiral out of control.

Pretty Litter has advanced odor control, is scoopable, and is 100% ecologically friendly. It’s completely safe for cats and has been tested by the veterinary community. So how does it work? After the cat urinates on the litter, if its health is normal the litter color will range from pale white to dark yellow, the normal color of urine. If a cat owner notices any other color than yellow or an olive green, then it’s an indication something might be wrong and they should consult a veterinarian.  Pretty Litter reacts to certain abnormal urinary elements such as blood (which can be an indication of a kidney/bladder infection/inflammation), bilirubin (indication of potential liver disease, cholestasis, hemolysis) and alkali (diseases affecting the kidney and gastrointestinal tract functions which are usually involved in the disruption of the acid and alkali balance in the blood), and general pH levels (Feline Urinary Tract Disorder and urinary tract infections.).

Pretty Litter’s Chief Feline Officer Carly Martinetti, currently starring on Startup U, an entrepreneurship reality show airing Thursdays at 5 PM on ABC Family, says, “Protecting our cat’s lives through early detection is important. Through Startup U, I was able to collaborate with chemists, marketers and successful entrepreneurs, who have given me and my team the resources to create this innovative product.”

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