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Secrets to Good Feline Health—#6

Seven secrets to choosing the best food for your cat

Secret #6: Add fresh foods
While not all cats are adventurous eaters, for those that are, adding fresh fruits, veggies or meat to their regular food can be a healthy way to introduce some variety. If you are supplementing commercial kibble, make sure that extra foods don’t make up more than 10 percent of your cat’s diet. Since cats don’t eat very much, that means added portions of fresh foods should be kept very small. Introduce new foods slowly to ensure they don’t cause gastrointestinal upset.

If you want to add meat to your cat’s diet, lean cooked meats without seasoning or sauces are the best choice. Cats and fish are an obvious combination, but steer clear of raw fish as it contains an enzyme that can cause a thiamine deficiency. Sharing a bit of tuna with your cat or adding some of the water from the tin to their food can be a great treat.

If you are adding fruits or veggies, start small and see if there is anything your cat is interested in. Cooked veggies may be of greater interest than raw, but avoid those with sauces. Avoid onions and garlic as they can be toxic for cats. Try sharing a piece of cooked carrot, or a small piece of apple. We’ve even known cats that enjoy broccoli!

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