Give your cat a dinner that’s as good as your own! Snappy Tom Cat Food is perfect for cats of all life stages. Produced with human grade ingredients in a human grade facility, this line of canned and pouch food is a high-quality choice for your cat. We love how it’s packed with real fish to provide protein, omega fatty acids, and delicious flavours to support your cat’s health and energy. With three lines of food to choose from, it’s easy to find a Snappy Tom meal that’s best for your cat!

Snappy Tom Naturals

Snappy Tom Naturals is a pouch food line that delivers quality nutrition and flavor. With real fish and chicken as the primary ingredient in this line of food, its protein-rich formula mimics a cat’s natural diet, and with no added grain or artificial ingredients, it’s a great choice for cats with food sensitivities.

Snappy Tom Lites

Snappy Tom Lites’ canned food is built to help keep your cat fit, healthy and strong. Ingredients are cooked entirely within their sealed can to lock in nutrients and flavor—finicky eaters rejoice!

Snappy Tom Ultimates

Snappy Tom Ultimates Premium Cat Food is built to provide your cat premium nutritional value. We love that with added vitamins and no artificial ingredients, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products, these meals are also a great option to mix in with dry foods.

With 31 years of creating pet food under their belt, Safcol’s Snappy Tom Cat Food is a high quality, healthy, and delicious choice for your cat! – JH